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The Process Model

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Whether you are looking for one or all the vacation rental business solutions, we can help. From informing your real estate investing to designing and decorating, to listing and managing your home, we’ll handle it all— while maximizing your earning potential.

Utilizing our market analysis, which provides valuable rental industry insights such as: projected occupancy, average daily rates, average home costs and average annual short-term rental income is the first step in making the most of your investment. The UniqBnB AcquisitionDesignOperationalization and Management (A.D.O.M.™) process model offers white-glove service each step of the way and can provide expert assistance no matter the size of the task.

Learn more about each pillar of the UNIQ service experience:

Acquisition of aVacation Rental Property


  • Detailed analyses to make an informed investment
  • From finding the right property all the way to managing closing preparations, renovation plans and project timelines
  • Equity partnership opportunities

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  • Full-service design process including design plan creation and implementation
  • Professional interior decorating
  • Project management services

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We have interior designers that stage your Vacation Rental Property
UniqClean Vacation Rental Cleaning Services


  • Proven approach to getting of the ground and running smoothly
  • Set up, oversight and management of processes that ensure highest earning potential
  • Cash flow your investment in under 30 days

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  • Listing creation, management and optimization
  • Onsite guest support, amenities restocking and more
  • 5-Star guest experience guaranteed

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Management of your Vacation Rental Property
Vacation Rental Property Analysis

Take the first step in achieving your vacation rental goals.
UniqBnB’s detailed Market Analysis Report gives you the valuable industry insights you need to make an informed decision.


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